With Or Without Papers You Must File Your Tax Return

Paying taxes can make your American dream a reality.
Paying taxes can make your American dream a reality.

Paying taxes is a citizen’s duty to all equally, you cannot and should not get rid of such responsibility, no matter your immigration status, you must with your statements, we recommend reading this article up to the so that you can clear up your doubts about it.

Tax returns are made every year on April 15, but it should be noted that the Internal Revenue Services (IRS) prefersyou to pay quarterly taxes so that when the above date arrives you have basically covered the 90 of your declared taxes.

No matter what your immigration status or status you must file the tax return, you cannot be a ghost if you have no record, you must leave your record, in an act of goodwill; The best thing is that you declared what you have earned and paid the corresponding taxes, since the United States is a truly strict country in this regard.

Not about your immigration status, the IRS does not share information with other government agencies, unless it is information about some serious or similar crime, but as long as you are an honest and hardworking person, your information is protected. Aside from having the good attitude of filing your taxes, that speaks highly of you as a person.

Each worker with your ITIN must make their tax return,in fact at the time you apply for their ITIN,must come with the statement of the previous year, it is very rare that you can apply for your ITIN without its statement, in fact on the official website of the IRS mentions the requirement, the right thing to do, and the usual is that when you submit your W-7SP form attach your statement from the previous year,and they are submitted together. That way you show the IRS that you will be a fulfilling and reliable person in this regard. They will send the ITIN to your corresponding address, approximately six to seven weeks.

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What is ITIN?

ITIN and workers
No matter what your profession or profession is, apply for your ITIN to file taxes

For their acronym ITIN, (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number), is the Taxpayer Identification Number, that tax number identifies you as the taxpayer you are; The ITIN is characterized by nine digits, always starts with the number 9 and digits 70-88 from the fourth or fifth digit, the following includes the following combination of numbers: from 900-70-0000 to 999-88-9999, 900-90-0000 to 999-92-9999 and 900-94-0000 to 999-99-999.

ITINs are issued by the IRS for tax purposes, but that does not mean that you are eligible for Social Security Number (SSN). They are issued regardless of your immigration status, the IRS only handles tax matters, i.e. tax returns and payments as dictated by theTax Code.

If you, for example, have not been declared for many years, and you finally decide to do so, don’t worry about the above, you’d better declare, apply for your ITIN and the minimum requirement you are asked to be your last statement, already once your application is accepted and your YOU can seek advice to see details about your situation.

No matter what your job is, wherever you are you can come up with us or some other agency of your choice, to give you the advice you deserve. Keep in mind the importance of comply with your statements, for example, if you would like to fix your immigration status or even buying a property, not declaring it could affect you.

What are the requirements to obtain the ITIN?

worker with ITIN
With Form W-7 any worker can apply for their ITIN

When you submit your W-7 form you must meet certain rules, typically you will be asked for your passport, if you have dependents, (wife, children, etc.), you must also fill out a W-7 format for your/your dependents with the passport attached equally. All documents are original, (passport, ID, consular registration, etc.), you must verify your identity as well as your nationality, that is why you must attach the necessary documents to verify the above. But in most cases the passport is necessary.

In the case of your dependents you may meet you in the USA, but it may also be the particular case who do not reside in the USA, but are in your home country and you take care of them in the distance, you need to send the Form W-7, there are certain steps to complete that format and be able to declare them as your dependents; there are certain requirements that you must meet, if you qualify, it will be possible and convenient to declare them as your dependents.

With regard to the Social Security Number, it can be said to be the number most used to pay taxes, but it only applies the benefit of obtaining it to a group of immigrants: permanent residents, who have a work visa in the USA, people who obtained nationality, refugees and people with political asylum.

An undocumented immigrant or circumstances do not conform to those of the above-mentioned cases will not be able to obtain an SSN. But the alternative to this is the ITIN.

What if I’m undocumented immigrant and I don’t pay my taxes?

woman worried about her tax return
Consider that immigration law may change, you’d better have a good record with the IRS

Being an undocumented immigrant does not mean that you do not have to pay your taxes, you must comply with the law and even more possibly, being a visitor in a foreign country, especially a country as strict in its laws as the USA is. By the time you make your corresponding return and pay your taxes, you are creating a good record during your stay in that country and in a way this will benefit your immigration status if you ever want to settle the matter of your papers.

If for some reason you were in the situation of have to go to an immigration court, you will have to defend yourself against deportation, but if you have a good record as a citizen responsible who pays his taxes, this will be of great help to his situation, the judge can tell of his honesty and integrity as a reliable person and worker, and then deportation is discarded.

You must appeal to all means at your disposal to that the judge does not decide on deportation, the negative and positive aspects will be taken into account by that judge to make a decision on their migration status. And paying taxes is very well seen. Otherwise, nobody wants to have at home a person who “steals” (so to speak).

Another situation where it is necessary to have a good tax payment history is when you apply for a green card, you can obtain permanent residency or naturalize, or in the promising future become a U.S. citizen. You can include copies tax returns when you apply for citizenship or in your greencard request.

Consider that laws change constantly, and that with his good tax pay record he could avoiding much inconvenience if a new reform is passed in the future migration, it’s not a fact, but it’s always a possibility, so if you you have a good track record in that sense you won’t have anything to worry about.

Previously, immigration reform was given the task to analyze the dates as accurately as possible about your stay in the USA, and have on hand copies of tax returns has been very much has streamlined the process. You should know that a large part of the legislation that it proposes for immigration reform, calls for congress consider including tax payment history information as a important requirement for obtaining such status.

So as you read more about it the importance of paying taxes, the more it can do to relate to multiple benefits you could get just by doing your duty citizen, you are not asked to do anything extra, only to do your duty and to you may benefit in a variety of ways.

Don’t worry if you don’t have the monetary amount to pay your taxes, but you should know that the penalty for not filing your tax return is ten times higher than the penalty for not paying. If by April 15 you do not file your return, you will automatically accrue a monthly penalty of five percent and even twenty-five percent per month, coupled with the penalty for not paying, plus the aggregated interest, your debt multiplies.

Immigrants who pay their taxes do so in the hope that this act of citizen will will be taken into account when making the necessary movements and one day be an American citizen for all the law; s sAccording to the Institute of Fiscal and Economic Policy (ITEP), he says that nearly half of workers with immigrant status do pay their taxes in the U.S.

Immigrants Contribute With Substantial Amounts in Taxes Each Year

Many people may unfairly think or judge that immigrants and even more so undocumented people do not pay their taxes, however, they are wrong, as according to the ITEP,immigrants living in the U.S. pay about $11.74 billion annually in state and local taxes, but that the numbers would be similar at the federal level, in a report published in 2017.

Ironically when it is said that paperless immigrants cost millions of dollars a year to American citizens, the truth is that if half of the undocumented pay in a timely manner and form their taxes, but cannot make use of most of the benefits that this entails, as is the great benefit of the Social Security,and yet they’re paying for it.

It should be mentioned that the payment of taxes is not always treated equally, because as a curious fact, we find that undocumented immigrants end up contributing to the payment of state and local taxes eight percent of their income, unlike the best-placed taxpayers, (the rich who are a minority of only one percent), this social class ends up paying in taxes only five percent , for example we can mention large companies that do not pay taxes that the ITEP unveiled last April of the current year.

Within the total taxes provided by the undocumented every year, it should be emphasized that seven billion are in taxes about sales and consumption. Just over two billion are earned from the payment of state income taxes, and just over three million are earned by property taxes.

All that money collected is used for the financing of the most basic services that are entitled to every American citizen, services such as public health, construction public schools, road improvement, public cleans, etc.

According to the ITEP,it is more convenient for people to be able to work in a begging way as their annual contributions would increase by more than two billion.

It should be noted that the ITIN was created in 1996 by the IRS so that those who do not have the right to work legally in the USA but reside in that country, can make their tax returns. And every year the IRS receives about three million returns using ITIN,and is believed to be due to undocumented people using this number, let’s still not let go of many people making their returns using fake SSNs, this to be able to work.

If you are reading this article it is because you are interested in fulfilling your citizen responsibilities and this speaks highly of you. We advise you to ask for advice if you have doubts about it, leave the solutions in the hands of professionals, you deserve the best of solutions, contact us from our website for more information.

Immigration to the United States VS Deportation

immigrant rights
We all deserve to be treated like humans

We have talked before about responsibilities of citizens residing in the United States, we have referred about the importance of paying taxes, whether they have legal papers or not, you have to abide by the rules of the new country you inhabit, but little we have talked about an issue as sensitive as immigration versus the Deportation.

A topic that is there latent and will be forever, with the open wound, as it involves many social controversies, especially in the administration, of which more than one person has felt directly offended by the way it has been handled, with little sensitivity, being honest, but like, there may be no ways to deal with the issues of this type, because they are simply born of social differences and realities, events that are and that we like or do not exist.

Remembrance of the events took place a few months ago when the caravans of immigrants coming from Central America made their way, at a slow pace but full of hopes in search of a better life, in which they risked their lives, and caused annoyance to more than one in their wake and touched the hearts of others to the this event caused concern to the current government of the United States United.

And they began to prepare with the measures that were necessary to resolve the issue/problem. Within the desperation action, the American government came to threaten to close the mexico’s border repeatedly. Even only when it came to mere threats this caused great concern in people, on both sides of the border and not only that, but represented monetary losses for all they come and go to both countries, because traders were the ones who really were affected.

And this situation only showed us the importance of maintaining fraternal ties on both sides, we are neighbors finally and it would be best to have a friendly relationship, because we depend each other in some respects. To everyone’s fortunes it did not grow up and was managed to allay fears about the closure of the border as a last resort to the problem of mass immigration that was being planned in a short Term.

No one moves from their place of origin just because today it occurred to him that it would be a good idea to change scenarios. Sometimes the need for a better life is so great that they simply opt for this choice, risking everything, even even life itself, because perhaps no longer they have nothing to lose, and it’s a sad reality. And in cases of success, in which the task is achieved, after all comes calm, or something so, because that constant stress of being deported is a shame with which they must Load.

The American dream often ends up being a nightmare for some, and the best of adventures for others. Whoever risks everything to change his reality for the better, he’s a person who’s not afraid of him to nothing, more than courageous and who knows the value of what it means to do things well, for the same reason you can say that these are honest and hard-working people that is reliable, that entering a country illegally was only an act of despair, this does not determine the human value that characterizes them.

As above in this very article we mentioned about the figures of the contributions that immigrants make in taxes, the most of them correspond to their responsibilities, and without making use of all basic services to which they should be entitled, but without rebuting anything, they do, and it is fine, because it is the right thing to do, to abide by the rules of a new country, and a country that is allowing the realization of its life plans.

Being honest, and without becoming unfair we should give the benefit of the doubt, that immigrants who do not pay their taxes are only because of ignorance of such responsibility, not so much because of their own free will they decide not to do so, but they don’t know that they should do or do not have the necessary information or guidance in this regard, to do so are of great help to articles like the one we bring to you today, to make it serve as the most important information.

Immigration That Is Based on Merit

A greencard
Immigration laws are constantly changing, it is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain permanent residency

After all the fuss about caravans and mass immigration happened, President Donald Trump changed the speech a little, and proposed an improved idea about immigration. Mentioning merit-based immigration, it uses the skills and abilities of applicants to allow them to reside in the American country.

Although such a plan turns out to be somewhat rigid without margin of error in selection, as it implies that priority is given to more skilled immigrants with stable economic solvency, (in other words, wealthy people), who know how to speak English or learn it successfully pass the civic exam. This proposal puts more than one in the American Congress. Well, it’s complex and sharp.

It is also exclusive when it comes to the process of eligibility, as according to the U.S. representative, such a system would be based in a score of the candidates, the score will increase if you are meeting a series of requirements, to mention one is age, which according to a young worker will have more opportunity as it implies that that person will contribute more to the society, the person must be very skilled, have a job offer, a very high level of education or a person who brings a project to involve the hiring of other employees somewhere in the country.

The representative says he doesn’t close the doors to the immigrants, but that this entry of people into the country should be an exchange equitable; an exchange of human capital for the possibility of residing there.

Such a proposal certainly divides opinions, for the counterpart believes that this plan would close the doors to everyone, and that only a few could enjoy the benefit, that only the best-off financially speaking they can make use of this plan. Excluding people less privileged and that this is also a clear violation of the human rights as well as an illegality before asylum seekers in the country. Can you imagine stratospheric changes that would imply a change like this to the system of Immigration?

There is Always A Risk of Being Deported Regardless of Your Immigration Status

protest for migrant rights

Talking about deportation is also complicated that it is a theme that is constantly updated, will not be a “fashion-passing” theme, things change and with those changes they let a sea of circumstances come new ones, and you should be prepared for any situation in this regard, keep up so you don’t get caught or told.

Even though you may have your permanent residence or your Green card,if you commit any violation that merits the removal of your status and you are penalized with deportation, this would not be violating your rights or anything like that, you would simply be complying with the law, according to the American Immigration Act. But if you have become a U.S. citizen, this deportation law would not apply to you, as long as you are not found to have committed fraudulent acts to obtain citizenship.

Some of the reasons that may put your meriting deportation are:

-Being convicted of domestic violence, abuse of neglect with children.

– Be involved in espionage or sabotage, violence or other illegal means that incite the intent to overthrow the government American.

– That your presence in the country involves problems on some side, foreign policy affects with their country of Origin.

– After five years of your admission, you will be became a ballast of public charity and you show no evidence why.

– Being convicted of a very serious crime committed in American territory.

– Be involved in human trafficking.

– Being convicted of a crime related to drug possession.

And many other crimes, of different kinds. To even if you have permanent residence you could lose it by: No report a maximum change of direction within 10 days of moving, you must justify such omission, document fraud, or even that you lie about your citizenship by saying you are a U.S. citizen, etc. In most of cases allow the right of appeal to be exercised before deportation.

In March of this year, the Supreme Court gave the green light to ICE so that legal residents with criminal records could be arrested, the alarming thing was that even if they had already served their respective sentences this did not matter when it came to arrests; felt like a witch hunt and greatly raised fear in the immigrant community.

Immigrant rights advocates did not wait to externalize their respective views on this matter, referring to how unfair this process could be to the vast majority of those arrested, “they are freed from their crimes because they have already served their sentence, they have already paid for what they have done, but are basically returned to another sentence when they are arrested in the operations of ICE.”

Arrests could be carried out without any rights to a hearing where they were allowed to agree on bail, have a record of penalties cost these people everything, even though they even carried many years since the fulfillment of the crime whatever this has been.

This action by the government has been very strict and and it is estimated that 30,000 migrants are arrested by the day under the government custody to determine their fate, do they stay or leave?

On the other hand we have legal residents who are consider a burden on the public benefit of the American nation, as little after the start of prison history deportations, the representative proposed the implementation for a new policy that would allow immediate deportation to immigrants who make use of the benefits Free.

This proposal is further removed from the possibility, however, you cannot let your guard down in this regard. Of the public benefits it includes considering are: cash assistance, food stamps, housing support, and Medicaid. The nascent proposal is not entirely clear, because it leaves nothing for granted, will all immigrants already residing and who in previous years have made use of public charity or only new residents be persecuted?

What is a fact is that the migration theme postulates on a priority issue for the current representative, and it is not an issue new, because the presidential campaign during the votes is basically dealt with these issues. We don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow, but what that we can avoid are misfortunes and bad times. You must go a step forward always, avoid problems of preference, and if you already have a criminal record, no matter if you’ve already complied with it, stay out of it and prove that you are a valuable citizen to the community, that you are a person Reliable. To all of the above, paying taxes is one of the most practices to check that you’ve earned your place in the current Territory.

It is important to consider whether you are applying for legal status in the country, and the USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service)determines that you owe a substantial amount of back taxes to the federal government, this could cause the government to reject your application. However, the good news is that applicants who prove they are making an effort to comply, and especially by making an effort to pay their tax liability, may still be eligible for naturalization.

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